A Giclee print is a high, archival quality, fine art print on acid free Hahnemühle paper. With proper care it can last a lifetime. Like an original painting, it should be stored out of direct sunlight and avoid moisture.

Prints are available in 4 sizes.


60 €


120 €


170 €

Extra Large

300 €
Please note

In accord with tradition, images of deities are treated with a certain respect, please do not place them on the ground, sit on them or step over them. If disposing of an image, please burn it rather than throw it in the garbage. Please do not reproduce the image, all copyrights belong to the artist.

*Please note: The original dimensions of the paintings are listed next to the image. I only offer the extra large size for those prints which are from paintings originally close to that size: Tseringma , Ushnishavijaya , and Longchenpa.

You can “special order” almost all the other paintings in extra large. If the print is larger than the original painting, the image may not appear as crisp. Therefore please look at the original sizes (listed next to the painting) before ordering.

Thank you!

Packaging and Postage

13 € flat rate (Small, Medium & Large)
25 € flat rate (Extra Large)

Shipping Times

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. If I have the image and size you would like in stock, the order can be expedited, please inquire.